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Luke 4:1-13 Led By The Spirit

Victory through Christ Jesus

Jesus modeled the way through

We are at the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry now with Luke. Jesus has just finished being baptized by John in the river Jordan. During His baptism God sent miraculous signs to at least John to cement Jesus’ deity in John’s mind and heart. Now it is time for Jesus final preparations.

Before beginning this reading today, I was feeling discouraged and uncertain. Discouraged at the prospect of finding something new in our third visit to this scene. Needless to say, I’m glad there won’t be a fourth visit. I love the story and appreciate the importance of Jesus enduring this testing phase, but finding something new every time is VERY challenging. I know. It’s supposed to be God’s job to provide the insight but I still like knowing a little about where I’m going before starting off on our Read more »