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Acts 16:6-10 Directions Given

Paul’s second missionary journey

We get to follow along with Paul again as he continues on his second missionary journey. Again it is a travel itinerary portion of scripture and doesn’t leave me a lot to dig into. It does bring up a couple questions and one observation I want to share.

The first thing spoken about is our passage is that the Holy Spirit forbade them “to speak the word in Asia” (verse 6). I wonder why and how it was that He communicated that to them. Was it through a vision? Did he keep closing doors in their way? Was there a prophecy given? Exactly how did they get this message?

The next thing we are told is that “the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them” to go into Bithynia either. Why? And how did they get this message? I have seen God close doors in my life and realized afterwards that it was His hand on me. But I’ve also had times where doors keep getting closed in my face and it makes me want to kick them down even harder or to find an opening somewhere. What was it about this message that made Paul, our headstrong missionary, to change his direction? Read more »