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2 Timothy 1:3-18 Fire Tenders

Work is involved to make a warming fire.

Paul continues to encourage Timothy to move out into the gifts God bestowed on him. He reminds him of his heritage of faith and where his hope truly lies.

Paul starts by reminding Timothy that they both come from a line of faith. I’m wondering if the “ancestors” Paul is referencing was Abraham. It is clear that the Pharisees didn’t serve God with a clear conscience. Their service was NOT from the heart but from a formula. This is not the faith that Paul and Timothy share.

Timothy had a believing mother and grandmother. I’ve heard it said that a grandmother’s prayer can shake the Heavens and move mountains. I think this grandmother falls short in that respect but I do pray for my grandchildren (and children) every time I think about where they are with God. This was Timothy’s legacy of faith. I wonder his grandmother prayed for his salvation every day. Read more »