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Matthew 7:1-6 Jesus Addresses Judging

Judge not

While with Jesus on the mountain today, we hear Him teaching about judging others. This is another HARD section, because who among us can say they don’t judge? Are we allowed to form opinions on other’s actions? How far does this command go? What does Jesus really mean?

I am having a VERY difficult time writing this today. I have been trying to put something down for over five hours. I am SO not qualified to do this! I don’t know if I am being convicted, condemned or confused, but I am getting nowhere. I will share what I have gathered in my disjointed search today. I need your help in finding the deeper meat in this passage.

Here is what I came up with. Jesus tells us directly not to judge others. I want to start by defining the word “judge.” Since Jesus wasn’t speaking about a judge serving in an official capacity and His wording refers to the action word, “judging”, we are going to look at the verb meanings for this word. From we get: Read more »