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John 13:21-30 The Wolf Among Us

A quiet sign that was missed

We are all sitting down with Jesus and His disciples in the upper room. Jesus had previously washed all His disciples’ feet and now they were enjoying their meal. It was a relaxing time until Jesus brought up another difficult topic. Someone was going to betray Him.

First the argument over who was greatest. Then Jesus washing their feet as an example. Now He says someone is going to betray Him. This dinner is full of unexpected events!

John tells us that “Jesus was troubled in His spirit” when He revealed to His disciples that there was a traitor in their midst. I’m sure we all know how it feels to hold onto a secret that is heavy upon your mind. I have wrestled with WAY too many and usually end up spilling the beans. Jesus was at that point now. His heart ached for what He knew was coming. I wonder if His heart was aching for Judas too. He knew what would become of him. Did He long for Judas to ask for forgiveness instead? Prophecy had already told of Judas’ fate, but I believe Jesus still cared for him. Read more »