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John 18:1-11 A Familiar Place

Power in the Name

Dinner is over and Jesus and His disciples have gone to one of their favorite places; the Garden of Gethsemane. This is where Jesus prays for Himself for the first time in His life. We are not going to dwell on that prayer today because John, through the Holy Spirit, doesn’t mention it. I just felt impressed to do so.

John focuses on something that is amiss in the garden that night. The garden where Jesus often brought His disciples. A place of refreshing. A place of teaching. A place of refuge from the crowds. That night it became more. It became a place of complete surrender, to the Father and to man. It also became a place of betrayal and violence. Read more »

Mark 14:43-52 Seize Him!

Satin thinks he "caught" Jesus too

Satin thinks he “caught” Jesus too

Jesus, John, James and Peter are together in the garden of Gethsemane. Peter, James and John just recently woke up. Judas and his band of soldiers are approaching our little group. The time has come for Jesus to begin His final process; His trials, crucifixion and resurrection.

As this section is very important, we already looked at Matthew’s account of it. That discussion is titled “The Kiss of Death.” In that post we put ourselves into the action. Please feel free to pop over and check it out.

Jesus has just emerged from His prayer time with the Father. During His last time praying, God ministered strength to Him. He is fully ready to face down everything Satan has to throw at Him. Satan is going to try and hit fast and hard. Read more »

Mark 14:10-11 A Bargain is Struck

Judas stepped across the line

Judas stepped across the line

Today we peek in on Judas as he goes to town. He has something up his sleeve that he will very soon regret.

We looked at this story in Matthew and addressed some possible underlying motives for Judas. You can find that blog under the title of Judas’ Decision.

Judas probably came into Jerusalem with the disciples on this day. We don’t know exactly what day in Jesus’ last week it was but it was probably not long after Mary’s gift of anointing oil. Judas was very angry about the “waste of money” Mary engaged in. His anger took root and became brooding. He was angry enough to act spitefully.

I don’t know how Judas got away from the group of disciples, unless he used the excuse of going to the market to purchase something for the group. I wonder how long he was gone. I’m also curious to know if he came to the religious leaders before or after they had decided to kill Jesus. When he approached them, did they share their plans with him? Did he even ask what they would do with Jesus once he turned Him over to them? Did he even care at that point? Read more »

Matthew 26:14-16 Judas’ Decision

A bargain is struck

A bargain is struck

Today we are going to follow Judas Iscariot as he makes the worst bargain of his life. This decision was foretold from the beginning but it still touches our very core when we read about it.

We don’t get to read about Judas’ call into service with Jesus. We don’t know much more than his name in the beginning. When Matthew lists Judas along with the others he doesn’t put an asterisk beside his name to warn us of impending issues. He is simply numbered among Jesus’ closest followers. Just one of the guys. Read more »