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Acts 16:25-40 Joy and the Broken Chains

When He opens doors, no man can shut them!

This is one of my favorite stories about Paul and Silas. Not because of how they were treated but because of the joy they found in the midst of trouble. Also how God moved on their behalf.

We ended yesterday with Paul and Silas, beaten bloody, thrown into the innermost part of the prison. They weren’t just locked behind a door but put in stocks to keep them in one place. They are cold, in pain, bloody, wearing remnants of their torn garments, and hungry. All because they silenced a demon and sent him packing.

If you are anything like me, the farthest thing from your mind if we were in this situation is singing and praising God. We might be inclined to pray but it would probably be a prayer that went something like this; “God! Get me out of here! And while You are doing that, punish those who put me here.” Read more »