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Numbers 27:12-23 Passing the Torch

God planned for His people’s future before Moses even asked.

God tells Moses of the end of his life. He reminds him of why he will not go into the Promised Land but will see it. He also cares for the people at Moses’ urging.

I thought we were nearing the end of Numbers because of the story regarding Moses. I thought Moses’ end would come at the end. We only get a preview of what God has for Moses. We will see the completed story at the end of Deuteronomy. Timewise this is nearing the end of the 40 years in the wilderness but God wants to reiterate some things before closing this book.

Today God reminds Moses of his sin and his inclusion with all the other “first generation exodus” members from Egypt. All but Caleb and Joshua were barred from inheriting the promise. ALL were for excluded on the basis of unbelief. Moses and Aaron’s unbelief happened separately from the rest of the congregation but God still called them out on this sin. Read more »