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John 1:29-34 I Saw The Spirit

John didn’t know the full plan but he knew God’s Son

John shares John the Baptist testimony with us today. Jesus and John’s ministry overlapped in time and territory for a little while. John the Baptist was so awed by the fulfilment of personal prophecy that he had to point Jesus out whenever the Spirit allowed him to. Today was one of those days that John would get to share his testimony of Jesus’ baptism.

I have to back up a little bit and change something I said in yesterday’s post. When John the Baptist was being questioned about who he was, he made reference to Jesus being in the crowd. He didn’t name Him or point Him out at the time. I was under the assumption, and stated so in my post, that John didn’t identify Him because it wasn’t time yet for Jesus to begin His ministry. But in the first verse of today’s story, John says that the events we are looking at happened the very next day. And the events John the Baptist speaks of put Jesus’ baptism in the past. In fact, Jesus has already returned from His wilderness experience by the time yesterday’s events took place. So why didn’t John the Baptist point Jesus out to the group questioning him? Did the Spirit prompt him to keep Him hidden? The people were not ready yet for the full truth, especially the religious leaders. They might have sped up their timetable. God was still in charge of the timing of His plan. Read more »