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Matthew 9:14-17 Jesus Approached About Fasting

Cross v Moses

Old v New Covenant

We discussed the issue of fasting while Jesus was teaching on the mountain top, but we are brought back to it again by John’s disciples’ questions. John was in prison when his disciples approached Jesus. They had been watching Jesus and His disciples. I’m not certain where Jesus was when He was approached at this point. Could we still be at Matthew’s house? It would make sense because Jesus and His disciples were eating and that may have triggered the question.

John’s disciples were comparing the differences in behaviors and practices between themselves, the Pharisees and Jesus’ disciples. There were probably a lot more differences than just fasting, but this was their focus for this interaction. Fortunately Jesus wouldn’t leave it there.

John’s life demonstrated a long term partial fast. He ate only locust and wild honey. I’m going to assume his prolonged fast was to help him stay in tune with God and God’s plans for his life. When men decided to follow John and become his disciple, did they adopt his fasting life style? I’m further going to assume that when John was placed in prison his disciples stepped up their fasting in order to make their petitions weightier before God. Read more »