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Luke 3:7-17 Works Showing Repentance

Fruit of the spirit

This is the kind of fruit John meant

Luke shares with us some specifics of John the Baptist’s words. We have heard John reproach the religious leaders when they came to him but this time we get to hear what he says to the common man. He certainly didn’t believe in sprinkling honey on his words to get a bigger crowd.

Luke starts out his narrative by quoting the same words in 3:7-9 that Matthew did in chapter 3 verses 7-10. Matthew tells us that these words were directed towards the religious leaders. Luke says they were directed at the multitude who came out. I don’t know if the words Luke shares initially were for the whole audience or not. Jesus called the religious leaders a brood of vipers too, so I feel comfortable saying this first address referenced them more than anyone else. We talked about John’s reproach of this group when we looked at Matthew. Pop back over to “Pharisees and Sadducees Are Put In Their Place” to check out what we drew from John’s words.  Read more »