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Luke 3:18-22 Concluding John’s Story

The stage is set

The stage is set

Luke concludes the stories of John the Baptist in today’s verses. I don’t know if we will run into John again later in Luke’s narrative because Luke didn’t share John’s final fate. Let’s look at what he did share.

John is credited as preaching the good news to the people. The news was that their Savior was VERY close at hand. He was even living with them at that moment. No more waiting for centuries and hoping He would come in their lifetime. Another part of that good news was that He was ready, willing, and able to forgive all men of their sins. He was also a personal savior for all. That was GREAT news for a hurting and hungry people. Read more »

Mark 1:9-11 John Baptizes Jesus

The Holy Spirit descending as a dove.

The Holy Spirit descending as a dove.

Mark’s gospel goes at a breakneck speed and is pretty short on details. I thought about moving as quickly as he does but felt God say no. We are not going to rush through just because there are only a couple of verses in some sections. We are going to look just as deeply as if it we were reading a novel.

Today in our reading we join Jesus and John the Baptist on the shore, and in the middle, of the Jordan River. Here Jesus will fulfill the first requirement for the beginning of His public ministry. Read more »

Matthew 3:11-17 John baptizes Jesus


This is My beloved Son

John is clarifying his position and purpose. He is still talking to the Pharisees and Sadducees right now but his message is for everyone listening to him. He is saying he IS NOT the Christ, Savior, Messiah. He places Jesus SO much higher than himself. He is unworthy to even carry His sandals.

John’s role in God’s plan was to call the people to repentance and baptize those who heeded that call. Baptism was a symbol of the changed heart, as it is still supposed to be today. John was very comfortable with his role, but was waiting eagerly for Jesus to take everyone to the next step.

John knew who the Christ would be, as well as what His mission would be. John had seen from God that Jesus would baptize those who followed His message “with the Holy Spirit and Fire.” He knew Jesus’ would be the ultimate judge of all. He would expose any pretense and destroy anything or anyone that did not meet His standard. Read more »