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Luke 19:41-44 If Only You Had Listened

If only you would listen

We see Jesus heartbroken today. He knows the plan and He knows the people, but if only…

In my mind’s eye I see Jesus standing on the side of one of the mountains surrounding Jerusalem. He is looking over the whole of it as He sits on a rock. His eyes are full of tears as He cries out for the people in the city. If only they would listen! If only they would have tried to understand! He knows that God has hidden the fullness of His plan from them, but, as a people, they didn’t even try to understand. Oh, they came to Jesus in droves when He had something they wanted. They came for the healings and the blessings, but when it came time to dig into His teachings, many of them were “too busy” to listen with their heart.

Jesus’ message wasn’t impossible to understand. There were many who followed Him that were privy to the deeper things He was sharing. But those who got this special help had to seek it out. They had to be willing to drop everything else and follow Him wherever He went. There was no predicting when He was going to share a little extra insight with those close to Him. They simply needed to be ready to receive at any time. They also needed to be willing to ask for that insight. Read more »