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John 6:16-21 An Unexpected Blessing

“I got this one boys. You just rest.”

John shares with us the story of Jesus walking on the water in our reading today. Matthew and Mark gave us a lot more detail about the actual event. I’m not sure if John’s account is abbreviated because he figures the central events were covered quite well already or if the details he is giving us, through the Holy Spirit, is where he wants us to focus.

In John’s account he makes certain that we know how far away from land the boat was. “When they had rowed about three or four miles, they saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat” (verse 19). John makes certain that the reader KNOWS that Jesus wasn’t simply walking in shallow water when they saw Him. Read more »

Mark 6:45-52 Can You See Me Now

Some things are hidden in plain sight

Some things are hidden in plain sight

We join Jesus today as He dismisses the dinner crowd. Right after gathering the leftovers, He sends His disciples ahead of Him in the boat to Bethsaida and then sends the satisfied crowd away. Finally alone, Jesus goes up onto the mountain to pray.

Mark tells us that “when evening came, the boat was out on the sea, and He was alone on the land” (verse 47). Checking this out with Google, I found that there were actually two “evening” in the Jewish reckoning of time. The first was the time when the sun began to decline in the sky and the second was when it finally set. We are not sure which evening Mark is referring to in this instance, so we are going to say that it was after 6:00 and before full darkness. Read more »

Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus Walks on Water

Would you get out of the boat?

Would you get out of the boat?

Today we join Jesus right after dinner with 5,000 plus people. This crowd followed Him to a “desolate place” where He was planning some alone time with His disciples. He was mourning the death of His cousin, John the Baptist. When he got to His intended destination the crowd was there to meet Him. He put aside His own needs and ministered healing to everyone who needed Him and concluded His ministry to them by serving them dinner. Now it is His turn.

After concluding the meal and gathering the leftovers, Jesus puts His disciples into the boat they came in on and sent them to the other side of the lake. Jesus then dismisses the crowd. That alone was a miracle! Jesus was in high demand because of what He had to offer. But He was able to send ALL the people away to finally be alone.

Jesus was finally able to have the alone time He was in need of. He spent it with His Father. Jesus knew where real refreshing and relief from the pain of this life was found. He spent several hours with God. He didn’t concern Himself with anything else when He was with His father. This was their special time. Read more »