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Matthew 15:21-28 Jesus and the Canaanite Woman

Even the dogs eat the crumbs

Even dogs eat the crumbs from the table (or the spoon)

Jesus is on the move again. This time He goes to the district of Tyre and Sidon. According to bible maps, they are some distance apart and in the area labeled as Phoenician. Why did He go there? This was not an area populated by a lot of Israelites. Was the lack of Jewish people the main reason He went? Did He go to get away from the crowds for a little bit?

The more I think about the question of “why Tyre and Sidon”, the more I think Jesus was seeking a momentary break from the crowds for His disciples and himself. Jesus was followed EVERYWHERE He went. Finding private time was very difficult. He would snatch moments here and there for Him and His disciples, but the crowds always found them. And when they found them, Jesus put His and the disciples’ needs aside to minister to the crowd’s. This was time to meet the needs of Jesus and the disciples; time for them all to take a breath.

I don’t know how Jesus and His disciples managed to sneak away from the crowds, but we find them without a following in this instance. He is almost unknown here. One woman has seen through His disguise of anonymity. Somehow she has heard stories about Jesus and the works He has been doing, and she believed them. I am going to name her Cassandra. I’m going to name Cassandra’s daughter Abigail. Read more »