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Luke 9:51-56 Not Welcome Here

Which way is your mat turned?

Which way is your mat turned?

I have a confession to make. I am not familiar with today’s story. Luke is the only one to tell this story in his narrative. I have read through Luke’s gospel before but for some reason this story did not stick with me or stick out in my mind. I really can’t explain it and have no excuse for it. So let’s jump into this new territory together and see where we go today.

Luke tells us that this happened while Jesus and His disciples were on the way to Jerusalem for the last time. Nothing was going to prevent Jesus from reaching His final destination, but it was a long journey. This was probably a night’s stop over on their journey.

When traveling from Galilee to Jerusalem you had two choices. You could either take the shorter route and go through Samaria or take the longer route and bypass it. This longer route included twice crossing the Jordan River just to avoid the Samaritan territory. Most Jews chose to longer route because of the animosity between the two people. Samaritans were considered inferior to “true” Jews. Samaritans were a mix of races, Jew and pagan people, and therefore not “true” Jews. Jesus chose the shorter route and actually stopped in Samaria on another occasion. Read more »