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John 12:12-19 The Crowd’s Contribution

Get ready! Here He comes!

We are joining Jesus another event that made the cut in all four gospels. It is His entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. He entered as that day as the King of Israel in fulfilment of prophecy.

John focuses our attention on the crowd in His narrative. This crowd has been following Jesus for a while. I doubt all the members were the same throughout, but He has been gathering followers since healing the man born blind. John mentions that “the large crowd that had come to the feast” was there to see Jesus. This is also the crowd that was comforting Mary right before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Many of their members were present when Jesus called him out. I bet some of them even helped untie Lazarus. Some from this crowd was probably also present at the banquet where Mary anointed Jesus. Read more »

Luke 19:28-40 No More Rocks

It’s ok. I got this boys. You don’t have to. I WANT TO!

We are at a very familiar story today. It is Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The timing of our study is also pretty appropriate. We are coming up to the celebrated anniversary of that event in three more days. How fitting that we look at it now.

We have looked at this story in both Matthew’s and Mark’s gospel accounts. In Matthew we looked at God’s planning to pull of this orchestrated event EXACTLY as prophesied hundreds of years ago. Our blog is titled “Jesus Entry Into Jerusalem.” In Mark we looked at the faith of those involved in the story. How they took Jesus at His word when He told them to get the donkey. How the owner believed that Jesus needed the donkey and would return it. And how the crowd had faith that Jesus was going to do something amazing once He reached Jerusalem. That blog is titled “A Borrowed Colt.” Feel free to click back over and check them out, if you want to. Read more »