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Matthew 8:1-4 Jesus Heals the Leper

He touches the untouchable

He touches the untouchable

Jesus just finished His mountain top sermon. Matthew tells us that great crowds followed Him. It is not surprising after hearing what He had to say. Matthew doesn’t say Jesus healed anyone while on the mountain. I wonder why? Did Matthew simply not mention any healings or did Jesus concentrate on the message and no one approached Him for healing? I can’t imagine Jesus turning down anyone who approached Him in need.

I wonder how long it was between Jesus’ message and His meeting with this leper. The man obviously had heard of Jesus’ healing power. Was he on the mountain when Jesus was teaching? He couldn’t have been in the crowd because of his condition, but could he have been hiding on the outskirts of the crowd?

Wherever he had been he had to have courage to approach Jesus. Lepers were not supposed to approach anyone. They were supposed to warn anyone from approaching them too. This man didn’t. He broke all the rules to get help. Even in his desperate search for help he didn’t presume Jesus would heal him. He didn’t assume he was worthy of Jesus time and effort. He asked Jesus for his help. He recognized Jesus ability to heal and asked about His willingness to heal him. Read more »