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Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus Says, “Don’t Be Anxious”

The sky is NOT falling

The sky is NOT falling. God is STILL in control

Jesus’ teaching today ties in very closely with yesterday’s. Yesterday He addressed where our treasure is. Today He is addressing being anxious. Actually, Jesus didn’t split these two sections, we did. My bible starts this section with “Therefore…” I had a pastor once who said, “Any time you see a ‘therefore’ you better look and see what it is there for.” In other words, what just preceded it is important to the next thought.

Jesus just finished addressing our treasure’s location: in Heaven or Earth. He just told us that we CANNOT serve God AND money. So these themes are therefore carried over into today’s lesson.

Jesus knew that money was a common concern, or anxiety producer, for everyone. He had just told us that we weren’t to chase after earthly things. So, what are earthly things? The things money buys. That is why He started off this section talking about the essentials things money is usually used to buy; food, drinks, and clothing. These are what we consider the necessities of life. Without these we die. So if I’m not supposed to chase after money to get these things, how am I supposed to meet my needs? Read more »