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Luke 13:10-17 He ALWAYS Sees Our Needs

He called her to Himself

He looked for her!

I love coming across new stories! This is another story that is only shared by Luke. I love the familiar ones too, but find it harder to write something new each time we encounter them. God doesn’t run out of insight to share though, no matter how many times we read His word.

This story’s theme is similar to others we have encountered. But there is a subtle difference here I want to focus on. In our story today a woman was healed on the Sabbath day. This always gets the Pharisees up in arms and Jesus never fails to put them straight. We saw this reaction in the story of the man with the withered hand too from Mark 3 and Matthew 12. When we read John’s gospel we will encounter another story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath. Jesus’ love for those in need did NOT depend on convenience! Read more »