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Luke 17:20-37 Is It Time Yet?

He is calling "All Come Free!"

He is calling “All Come Free!”

Jesus gives end of days prophecies to His disciples in our reading today. Oh how I wish I could understand every word He shared here! To truly know what is to come.

I’m surprised by the original questioner in our story today. Luke tells us that the Pharisees were the ones who asked when the Kingdom of God would come. Was this in response to Jesus’ proclamation that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand? Were they earnestly seeking or were they testing Him again?

Jesus answered their question. He told them that the Kingdom of Heaven wasn’t coming like they were expecting it to. They wouldn’t be seeing a king sitting on his throne. It won’t reside in some geographic location. It is a spiritual Kingdom and is in the middle of them right then. I wonder if they understood. Even Jesus disciples expected the flesh and blood Kingdom. We know they didn’t understand until after Jesus’ resurrection. Read more »

Mark 13:24-27 Jesus Coming in the Clouds

Lord there is NONE like You

Lord there is NONE like You

Jesus is still sitting on the mountain side, telling His disciples of what awaits us all at the end. He was sitting on the Mount of Olives when Peter, James, John, and Andrew approached Him to ask about the end of days. They wanted to know what would happen and when it would all take place. Jesus has shared with them what to expect leading up to that time, what will signal the final end, and now He shares how it will all finally end.

This story was also covered when we looked at Matthew’s account of Jesus words. You can find it under the title “Jesus Arrives a Second Time.” We looked at the events Jesus says will take place. Today I want to back up a little and look at the false christs and false prophets who He said would come first. I also want to compare the differences in the two times Jesus makes His appearance on Earth.  Read more »

Matthew 24:29-31 Jesus Arrive a Second Time

An unmistakable event!

An unmistakable event!

Jesus has been telling His disciples about the end times and His second coming. They are sitting on the Mount of Olives, just days from His ultimate sacrifice. He has shared what the events of the time will be and the ultimate event that will signal the final end; “the abomination of desolation.” Jesus pointed His disciples to the writings of the prophet Daniel for a better look at what that would look like. Now He is going to share what will happen as He steps back into the scene from Heaven.

Please bear in mind again that I am no expert on end time events or prophecies. I am simply going to share what I see or understand as I read the words Matthew wrote under the Holy Spirit’s guidance; Jesus’ words on the matter. Read more »