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John 11:38-44 Jesus & Lazarus

Look who’s awake!

We rejoin Jesus in Bethany at the tomb of Lazarus. We are to the exciting part today! God’s amazing power is about to be displayed for all to see.

Jesus had just asked to see the place where they buried Lazarus when we halted yesterday. We pick up again with Him standing before the tomb. John tells us Jesus was “deeply moved again” (verse 38). He cares about these people’s grief. He knows their heartache. But He also knows what lies ahead. It’s time to get to work and end His friend’s suffering. Read more »

John 11:28-37 Jesus & Mary

He feels our pain

We are continuing on with Jesus as He arrived at Bethany to “wake” Lazarus. Yesterday we looked in as He spoke with Martha. Today we will look at His time with Mary.

This encounter is one of the few times we hear of Jesus crying. He is VERY moved by the grief He sees being displayed by Mary. Mary was the more emotional of the two sisters. Martha was the practical one, but Mary led with her heart.

After meeting with Jesus privately Martha returns home and tells Mary that Jesus is asking for her. John doesn’t share this detail in His recount of Jesus and Martha’s conversation, but I’ve no reason to doubt Martha’s words. When Martha told Mary that Jesus wanted to see her, she made sure to do it discretely. The Jews who were seeking to stone Jesus a few days ago were some of the very same people consoling Mary. Martha was probably trying to protect Jesus from discovery. Read more »

John 11:17-27 Jesus & Martha

If only You had come…

Jesus arrives near Bethany today. He came to “wake” Lazarus and He has brought His disciples with Him. Somehow news has reached Martha, Lazarus’ sister, that Jesus is nearby. I don’t know if it was announced to the whole household or quietly communicated to the two sisters. I’m not certain if even Mary knows of His arrival, but Martha certainly does.

When Jesus heard about Lazarus’ illness He stayed where He was for two more days. After that He traveled for two days. When they reach Bethany, Lazarus has already been in the grave for four days. The math in this scenario tells me that even if Jesus had left immediately upon hearing of Lazarus’ illness that He would have arrived after Lazarus had died. Jesus had raised many people from the dead shortly after they had passed. So His delaying was setting the stage for another unheard of miracle; like the healing of the man born blind. Read more »