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Matthew 11:1-19 Jesus Shares About John the Baptist

leg with chain and lock on

John has time to think

Jesus has just finished sending His disciples out into the field. He didn’t simply delegate the tasks to His disciples and take a much deserved vacation, but continued on teaching and preaching in their absence. There was still much work to do. Jesus is continuing on without His twelve closest disciples but I’m certain He is not alone. He still has other followers with Him as well as continues to draw large crowds wherever He goes.

John the Baptist has been in prison for some time now. While in prison John has had some time to think. John and Jesus were cousins. We don’t know how much time they spent together during their early years but I’m assuming they were at least together during religious celebration from time to time. During the first two years of Jesus’ life I believe they lived about a day’s journey apart. But after Joseph fled to Egypt and later returned to Nazareth there was probably little interaction between the two. John knew who Jesus was when He came to be baptized though. I don’t know if this was because of personal interaction or divine revelation, but John knew of Jesus’ important role and recognized Him on sight. John had further confirmation of Jesus as the Messiah immediately following His baptism. Read more »