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John 16:25-33 You Don’t Really Get It Yet

Soon the secrets would be revealed

We are continuing on with Jesus and His disciples on that final night before His death. He has been warning them about what is to come, including telling Peter that he would deny Him. But everything He is telling them is couched in figures of speech. This is what caused His disciples to question what “in a little while” meant is our previous reading. Now Jesus admits that He has been speaking this way on purpose.

Jesus has a reason for how He is sharing His most intimate secrets. He is keeping the enemy from learning the workings of the Father’s plan. It reminds me of the “Code Talkers” in WWII. By the use of the Navajo language and representative symbolism, the enemy was never able to break the code and out soldiers had an advantage. Even if the enemy had known the Navajo language, they didn’t know the symbolism associated with the code. The simple words meant something more. That is how Jesus’ teachings, especially this night, were. Read more »