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John 13:36-38 The Truth Hurts

Peter didn’t but Jesus did

We are still with Jesus and His disciples during their last meal together. Jesus has just told His disciples that they can’t go where He is going. Peter, as usual, has something to say about that.

In so many places in the gospels we hear how Peter is the first to say something, and then the other disciples join in. If I were to guess I would say that Peter was the unofficial spokesman of the group. Tonight is no exception.

After Jesus shared that He was going somewhere they couldn’t come, Peter wants to know where that could possibly be. “Lord, where are You going?” (verse 36). Such a simple question but so much more behind it. Peter is not just curious, he is challenging Jesus’ statement. Peter is adamant that he will be by Jesus’ side at all times. Jesus predicted His death during this visit to Jerusalem. Wherever Jesus goes, Peter plans to go too. Read more »

Luke 22:31-34 Jesus Prays for Peter

With Jesus praying for HIm, how could Peter not return?

Jesus has a promise specifically for Peter.  Jesus started out this message to everyone but Peter got a pointed portion of it. Jesus took all His disciples to Mount Olive for one final discussion time together. They don’t know it is the final time but He does and He has something important to say before everything breaks loose.

Luke goes straight for the heart of this conversation while Matthew and Mark share a little more of the backstory. Jesus’ first words would make my hair stand on end if He said them about me; “Simon, Simon, behold Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat” (verse 31). ‘YIKE! Why would Satan want me? What did I do to him?’

On the other hand this statement could be ego building too. ‘I must have done something right to get his attention. Why else would he want to stop me?’ There is a short saying that talks about this kind of believer. This is the kind of person that when their feet hit the ground in the morning, Satan says “OH NO! He’s/She’s awake!” Read more »

Mark 14:26-31 All Fall Away

I could have it all wrong too

I could have it all wrong too

Jesus and His disciples have finished eating. It’s time to take a walk. Before setting out they close their Passover ceremony with a hymn. Their walk takes them to the Mount of Olives.

We witnessed this scene in Matthew’s gospel too. You can check out that blog post: Jesus Tells Peter His Future. We put ourselves into the story in that telling. Today we are challenged to find more pearls than the surface ones we came away with already. Today I want to look at Peter. Read more »

Matthew 26:30-35 Jesus Tells Peter His Future

Another walk with Jesus

Another walk with Jesus

Dinner is concluding for Jesus and His disciples. They sing a closing hymn, maybe the traditional closing hymn of Passover, and then head out to the Mount of Olives. Jesus seems to have an affinity for this setting. He often went there for private time with His disciples. The Garden of Gethsemane is also located on the lower slopes of this mountain. This time He and the disciples go there for another heart to heart talk. Read more »