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Luke 18:31-34 Hear But Don’t Understand

Parts of God's agenda are hidden for a purpose. Trust Him to show you what you need when you need it.

Parts of God’s agenda are hidden for a purpose. Trust Him to show you what you need when you need it.

Jesus is nearing the end of His time with His disciples. In our reading today He warns them for the third time about His impending death. This time He leaves very little to the imagination, but they still don’t get it.

Jesus took His twelve closest disciples aside for this message. This was for their ears only. He wanted this group especially to be warned of what was to come. What He was about to experience was going to be their foundation if a few more days. First it would rock it to the very core, then it would cement their belief in Him. Read more »

Luke 9:43-45 Secrets Revealed

Warning sign saying Are You Ready?

Disciples: Not even close!

Luke shares with us another warning from Jesus. Luke puts it at the end of the previous story about the father and son. Jesus had already shares this information with His disciples earlier, but now He tells them more pointedly.

Jesus is nearing the end of His time on earth. He wants to prepare His disciples for what is coming. He tells them to “let these words sink into your ears” (verse 44). They will hear Him but they won’t understand, yet. Jesus knew that the Father was keeping the full weight of the truth hidden from His disciples. He still told them anyway. This way when the time did come they would be able to look back and remember His warning. Read more »

Luke 9:21-22 From Mountain Top to Valley Low

It's a long way down

The highs are great, but it’s a long way down

Yesterday we looked at Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Christ. I can almost see Jesus doing a mental fist pump over this; “YES! They finally get it!” But now He has to reign them all in after receiving that amazing faith moment.

As we saw yesterday, people on the outside of Jesus’ group didn’t get to see the whole truth. They got a taste of it but were not privy to the deeper meanings. They had surface knowledge and works to back up their budding faith.

God had good reason for keeping things hidden from the masses. He had a plan in motion that required the people to play a certain part. God didn’t force any one into any specific role but He used their individual personalities and tendencies to His benefit. Read more »

Mark 9:30-32 Private Time with Jesus

Jesus and His disciples walking

On the road with Jesus

Jesus and His disciples are taking a trip through Galilee today, but they are doing it along. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! While on their private trip Jesus has some things He wants to talk about.

Jesus has become so popular that there are throngs of people wherever they go. Jesus can’t even enter into the cities very easily because of the amount of people coming to Him. He has earned this popularity through His miracles. He freely gives to all who seek Him. He doesn’t charge for His services. He teaches with authority. He welcomes even the lowliest of sinners. Read more »

Matthew 17:22-23 Jesus Tells of His Death and Resurrection

"Wait and see what I will do" -God

“Wait and see what I will do” -God

Jesus and His disciples were somewhere in Galilee. I don’t know if they had left Caesarea Philippi for Capernaum yet, which is the next setting Matthew resumes his story telling in. I’m certain Jesus and His disciples were alone during this portion of scripture though. Jesus didn’t tell the crowds this much detail about His upcoming death. These talks were reserved for His disciples alone.

The disciples had been walking with Jesus for some time now, so they knew the political and religious atmosphere that surrounded Jesus and His teachings. The Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees all hated Jesus and wanted Him dead.

Jesus, for the second time, tells His disciples that He is going to be killed and raised from the dead. For the second time they hear the first statement and breeze past the second. All they hear is that Jesus is going to be killed. When Jesus says He is going to “be delivered into the hands of men”, do they realize someone is going to betray Him? Do they even entertain the thought of it being someone from their own group that would be the culprit? Read more »