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John 17:1-26 Jesus Prays for ME

Before there was time, He was thinking of us

Jesus is concluding His time with His disciples as they talkred after dinner. I don’t know if they took a stroll around the yard or are the home they were using for their Passover meal or if they were still in the upper room for their discourse. At first I thought they might be sitting together in the garden of the home but I imagine Jesus wanted privacy while He spent His last hours with His disciples. Wherever they are, Jesus is about to bless them with a personal prayer.

Jesus begins His prayer with ‘it’s time.’ His whole life has been leading up to this purpose; to glorify the Father. In doing so He is providing eternal life for ALL who believe in Him. “To all whom You have given Him [the Son]” (verse 2). That eternal life comes from knowing the ONLY true God and His Son, Jesus Christ, whom He sent. Read more »