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Luke 23:32-43 The Stage is Set

Jesus paid the price for our forgiveness

Jesus takes the cross today. The stage is set for Jesus’ final gift to man. His ultimate sacrifice. The reason He can pray confidently, “Father, forgive them.”

Jesus was without sin, without guilt, when He went to the cross. Every charge brought against Him was found to be baseless upon unbiased examination. The High Priest and the Sanhedrin were NOT fair in their judgement. They were not impartial and had convicted Him before even bringing Him to trial. But Pilate and Herod both judged Him according to the evidence. He was innocent of ALL charges. He went to the cross sinless. Read more »

Mark 15:21-32 Jesus Endures It All

I want that kind of love!

I need that kind of love!

Today brings us to the foot of the cross. Here Jesus bled and died for each of us. The physical pain of the cross was not all He had to endure, but even that pain he endured fully.

We looked at Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew’s gospel too. In that blog article titled, “On the Cross” we joined the “action” for a closer look at what was going on. Flip back to better appreciate all Jesus did for each of us. Read more »

Matthew 27:32-44 On The Cross

He uttered not a word

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth Isaiah 53:7

We are joining Jesus as He physically walks the road to Golgotha. There He will willingly lays His life down. He will submit to all the brutality that is involved in crucifixion, without the slightest hint of resistance. He will be displayed for all to see and continue to be subject to humiliation and mocking from the very people He came to save.

The Roman soldiers are finished with their mocking of Jesus. I’m not certain if they had to stop because it was time for the three condemned men to make their journey or if the time for the journey was determined by when they decided they had had enough sport. I believe they stopped mocking Him because Jesus wasn’t giving them the reaction they were seeking. I don’t know whether there was any down time between the end of the mocking and the starting of the final journey. Read more »