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Matthew 14:13-14 Jesus’ Mourns His Cousin John

John would be missed

John would be missed

Yesterday we heard the story of how Herod murdered John. Herodias finally got her way. John’s disciples came and removed John’s body. After dealing with John’s remains, they went and told Jesus about it. We join Jesus after He receives the news.

John was Jesus’ cousin. He was also Jesus’ forerunner in ushering in the new covenant. Jesus knew that John’s ministry had to end before His own could be completed. Jesus knew that this would also include John’s death, but that didn’t make the process any easier. Jesus loved John and it grieved Him when John was killed.

Jesus needed some time alone after getting the news about John. He went by boat to the most isolated place He could find. He didn’t go completely alone because He brought His disciples with Him. I imagine the disciples are the ones that captained the boat that took Him there. I assume He was there to pray and spend time mourning John with His disciples. Some of Jesus disciples were John’s disciples before joining Jesus. They knew John very well and were probably hurting too. They were probably sharing stories about John on the way out. Read more »