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Luke 22:63-65 He Endured It All

He endured it for my sake

Jesus will endure many instances of mocking and abuse during this long ordeal. Luke brings us an account of the soldiers’ treatment of Jesus while He is enduring His first trial. Matthew tells us of Jesus being mocked and beaten by the Roman soldiers later on. John will bring us one specific incident where Jesus actually speaks back to His abuser, but we’ll get to that one later.

Luke shares with us the abuse Jesus suffered at the hands of His own countrymen; the temple guards. These men were under the authority of the Sanhedrin and we know their plans for Jesus. They wanted Him dead. So there were no restrictions put on His captors to treat Him fairly.

Jesus could have stopped it all with a single word, but He didn’t. He stood silent as they hit Him and spit on Him. When they mocked Him by blindfolding Him and telling Him to prophesy He refused to rise to the bait. He easily could have answered their taunts and then some. He knew everything about them, but He remained silent. Not out of necessity but out of obedience. Read more »

Mark 15:21-32 Jesus Endures It All

I want that kind of love!

I need that kind of love!

Today brings us to the foot of the cross. Here Jesus bled and died for each of us. The physical pain of the cross was not all He had to endure, but even that pain he endured fully.

We looked at Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew’s gospel too. In that blog article titled, “On the Cross” we joined the “action” for a closer look at what was going on. Flip back to better appreciate all Jesus did for each of us. Read more »

Mark 15:16-20 Hail King of the Jews

Truer words were never spoken.

Truer words were never spoken.

We will be viewing the ugliest hours in Jesus’ life in the next few days. These hours were brutal and filled with resentment. Not on Jesus’ part but on the part of those inflicting pain on Him. We start off with Jesus’ scourging at the end of yesterday’s reading then we jump right into the soldiers’ mocking Him.

I want to know what was happening in Heaven as Jesus was enduring these tortures. What were the angels doing each time the whip was drawn back? Did they turn their eyes away like I did when watching “The Passion?” Were they crying? Were they shaking their fists in anger? Were they rejoicing because they could see the end just up ahead? Or were they silent; breath held, waiting to see if Jesus would send for them. Was God doing the same? I want to share my poem “Between Triumph & Tears” that poses this very question. Read more »

Matthew 27:27-31 Sneers and Jeers for Our King

My King's first earthly crown

My King’s first earthly crown

In our reading today, Jesus will endure humiliating and brutal treatment from those famous for their skills in delivering it. Jesus has just left the assembly where Pilate tried unsuccessfully to have Him released. Jesus has just heard His own people cry out for His death.  Now he faces the Roman soldiers and all their pent up frustration.

Matthew briefly mentions the beating Jesus suffered on His way to the cross. It is tagged onto verse 26 where Jesus is delivered to the people for crucifixion. This was no minor thing though. It was a brutal, barbaric and often resulted in death on its own. It was also a precursor to any crucifixion. It would lessen the time the condemned spent on the cross by rendering the prisoner near death before even making it to the cross. The usual scourging was to deliver 39 lashes, which even the first one drew blood. By the time the process was completed, the condemned person’s back resembled raw hamburger. Read more »