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Luke 4:42-44 I Have Others To Reach Too

Check out His travels (click here)

Check out His travels (click here)

We are joining Jesus the following morning after His marathon healing at Peter’s house. Judging from Luke’s narrative it was morning before Jesus was able to break away from the crowd.

Jesus kept going all night with the people. He HAS to be exhausted when morning finally arrives. He is finally able to sneak away by Himself, for a few minutes. But the people are like bloodhounds after a porterhouse steak. They sniff Him out.

This group of people had witnessed Jesus’ power through the night. I don’t believe He left before everyone who had a need was ministered to. But the people still wanted more. They wanted everything He had to offer, including more teaching. Jesus loved the people and cared about their future, but He had other places He needed to be too. This wasn’t the whole of who He was sent to. He needed to reach people from the Mediterranean Sea to the eastern side of the Jordan River; from Tyre down to Bethlehem and the wilderness beyond it. This was a lot of territory and a huge amount of people. But He would reach them. Read more »