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Mark 1:35-39 Jesus, the Traveling Evangelist

He had a lot of work to do

He had a lot of work to do

Jesus has just had a long night ministering to people. As soon as the sun went down and ended the Sabbath, people were at Peter’s doorstep asking for miracles from Jesus. We are going to join Him on the morning after.

I have no idea how long Jesus ministered to the people but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was well after midnight before everyone was satisfied and went home. Jesus must have gotten some sleep though because Mark tells us that He rose very early in the morning, while it was still dark.

Jesus was more than likely exhausted. So does he sleep in like we would do? No. He gets up before dawn and goes searching for true refreshing. Jesus didn’t find refreshing in sleep or food or even hobbies. He found refreshing in the presence of His Father. He habitually spent time in prayer. This was where He was filled up again so He could continue to pour out Himself into people’s lives. Read more »