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Luke 13:22-30 One Way In

He wants to open it to you

He wants to open it to you

Jesus has been traveling and teaching along the way. Luke shares with us one of the questions He encounters. “Will those who are saved be few?”

I’m curious about the askers of this question. Luke doesn’t tell us who this brave soul was or his reason behind asking. I wonder if it is one the regular followers who trail Jesus wherever He goes or someone in a town He visited. Was he asking because he wanted to know if he could get in too or was he hoping others would be kept out?

When Jesus answered this question did He address His remarks specifically to the asker or to a larger audience? Who was in that audience? Was it only those following Jesus around or was it a general admission group? Luke tells us “He said to them”, which tells us that there was more than one person listening to Jesus’ answer and His answer applied to more than just originator of the question. Read more »