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Romans 11:11-24 The Root’s Supply

The Master Gardener’s work

Paul is appealing today to his readers not to condemn the Jews for their unbelief. They are not beyond hope and the Gentiles should not treat them so.

We have seen in both the old and new testaments that God indeed chose the Jews to send His Salvation through. He knew all along what the outcome was going to be but He gave them every chance anyway. He didn’t set them up to see them knocked down. Instead He lovingly presented them with all the options and let them make their own choice.

By including the Gentiles in His plan of salvation He set up a “rivalry.” Initially the Jews lorded it over the Gentiles because they were “excluded” from God’s plan. After the Jews rejected God’s Son, Jesus Christ, the tables turned. The Gentiles could now lord it over the Jews for missing the truth. The Gentiles could also blame the Jews for killing Jesus in the first place. Read more »