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John 8:48-59 Them’s Fightin Words!

Speaking with their fists!

Jesus is concluding His argument before the “new believers.” When we left Him He had just told them that their father was the devil. They were not of God. This didn’t sit too well with them. But Jesus is not finished yet “winning friends and influencing people.” He pushes them to the point that they are ready to throw Him a “rock concert” with REAL rocks!

The first reaction of this group, when told that they have “different fathers” than Jesus does is to make it out as if He is the one who is outside of the relationship with God. “Are we not right in saying that You are a Samaritan and have a demon” (verse 48). That was a huge insult they were trying to pass off onto Jesus. It was about as disrespectful as they could be to another Jew, not to mention a godly person. Read more »