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Mark 15:42-47 Jesus Works While Others Mourn

I've been set free!

I’ve been set free!

Today we see Joseph of Arimathea caring for the body of Jesus. Jesus has just died at the hands of the Roman soldiers, under the DIRECT influence of the whole religious council. His blood is on their hands.

When we looked at this scene in Matthew we became first hand observers in our story. That blog is titled “One Last Gift for Jesus.” In that story I didn’t realize Joseph was actually a member of the religious council, and gave him a little different perspective than he probably had. We will chalk it up to NOT being an expert and writer’s privilege. I would love to share that story with you again, if you feel so inclined.  Read more »

Matthew 27:57-61 One Last Gift for Jesus

The countdown has begun

The countdown has begun

Yesterday’s reading brought us to the cross again. There, Jesus was subjected to a torturous and brutal death. We observed countless people taunting Him and hurling insults at Him during His ordeal. We also saw the helplessness of the few of His followers who stood by while He suffered. More than that though, we got to hear how, even while in excruciating pain, He cared for others. Today’s reading will tell us of the only care others could give to Him. They will care for what is left of Jesus; His body.

When we left our story yesterday, Jesus had just moments before, breathed His last. Pilate had sent word for the soldiers to break the prisoner’s legs to hasten their death. As Jesus was already dead, He was spared this added injury, but the centurion over His detachment pierced His side with his spear. Blood and water flowed from the wound, proving Jesus was truly dead. Read more »