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Matthew 10:5-15 Jesus’ Disciples Job Description: Location, Role & Supplies

checklist for job

Job Description

Jesus has finished phase one of His disciples on the job training, has personally bestowed His authority on each one of them, and is now ready to deliver to them their full job description. This is a lengthy and thorough description, so it is going to take us a while to get through it all. I want to take the time to read it fully, just like you would read your own new job description. You have to know where you are going to be working, what you will be doing, what tools you will need to bring to work with you, the kinds of customers you will be serving and how to treat them, what you can expect management to do for you, the “Mission Statement” of the company and what your compensation for service will be. All these Jesus addresses with His disciples before He sends them out. We are going to take the first three parts today: their location for service, their role, and what supplies they need to provide.

Jesus has been taking the disciples on a tour of “their department” while He has been ministering. Matthew reported in chapter 9 verse 35 that they had gone throughout all the cities and villages. These were the same places the disciples would now visit as they personally shared Jesus’ message. They were only to go to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (verse 6). We have not heard stories yet of Jesus visiting any of the Gentile or Samaritan cities. I’m curious if the city near where we got “deviled ham” was Israeli or Gentile. The city was still in Galilee but they were raising pigs. A BIG no-no for the strict Jew. Jesus didn’t go into the city either, so does that count as visiting outside the house of Israel? Read more »