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Mark 1:21-28 Spiritual Warfare on the Sabbath

Jesus reads from the scrolls

Jesus reads from the scrolls

We join Jesus, Peter, James, John and Andrew as they head into town. It is the Sabbath and they are going to the temple. The town in is for a treat!

When Jesus came to the temple He didn’t sit back, He went to “work.” He came to teach. I’m not sure how their meetings progressed. Here in America, I don’t know if He would have been given the chance to teach. Our services are pretty regimented. We all come into one place. Usually there is an opening prayer. We sing, either corporately or listen to prescribed performances/choirs. Often we have some form of communion. Many take up an “offering”/collection. Our speaker of the day presents a message. We may sing another song. We close in prayer. Then we all go home.

I have been Googling the Synagogue service and found some interesting sites. One such site is Bible One of the materials sited by the author of the article on Bible is “Manners and Customs of the Bible.” Read more »