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Luke 22:39-46 The Hug Before The Battle

God love came in angels arms.

We are joining Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane today. He has gone here to pray after having given His final warnings to His disciples. All the disciples came with Him this night but He asked most of them to watch from a distance. He took Peter, James and John a little further in with Him. But even these three were left behind as He met personally with His Father.

We looked at this event in both Matthew and Mark’s gospels. In Matthew we watched Jesus in the Garden and wondered what might have changed if His disciples had actually prayed when He asked them to. In Mark’s account we focused on Jesus’ pleading in the garden. What His prayers each focused on. Today Luke shares the physical toll that this time took on Jesus. I would like to follow his lead and go there with our study today. Read more »

Mark 14:32-42 Pleading In The Garden

In the Father's arms He cried

In the Father’s arms He cried

We are joining Jesus today in one of His favorite places; the Garden of Gethsemane. He went there to pray when He was in the area. It was a quiet spot to get away by Himself and meet the Father. Everyone, including Judas, knew of this special spot.

Matthew shared this event with us in his gospel. You can find that discussion under “Jesus In The Garden.” We took an overall look at what happened that night. Today we are going to look at Jesus’ prayer a bit closer.

We are told that Jesus prayed the same prayer all three times. I believe the words were the same but Jesus’ heart and intent changed throughout the night. The first time Jesus goes deeper into the garden to meet with His Father He tells Peter, James and John that His “soul is very sorrowful, even unto death” (verse 34). Jesus’ heart was breaking. He NEEDED Read more »

Matthew 26:36-46 Jesus in the Garden

Jesus fell on His face pleading with His Father

Jesus fell on His face pleading with His Father

Jesus and His disciples have moved from the home where they had dinner to the Mount of Olives. Here Jesus told His disciples that they would betray Him. After the uproar from this settled down, He took them a little farther up the mountain to His favorite garden spot; the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus often came here. That fact is why Judas knew exactly where to find Him a little later in our story. But we are not at that point yet. We are here to let Jesus have His last private time with His Father. To allow Jesus time to gather Himself before going into the most horrific 24 hours of His life.

Here at the entrance of Gethsemane Jesus asked His disciples to wait for Him while He went off to pray. Jesus took His three closest disciples with Him as He entered the garden. Peter, James and John were the only witnesses to the sorrow in Jesus’ eyes. He had held it all together until this private moment. Jesus even verbalized His distress; “My soul is very sorrowful, even to death” (verse 38). Read more »