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Mark 5:21-43 Two Miracle for the Price of One

Oh the stories he has to tell!

Oh the stories he has to tell!

Today we are going to look at two miracles Jesus did right after coming back from Gerasenes. These two miracles were discussed in Matthew and we took time to look at them separately. We are going to leave them together when we look at Mark’s account. If you want to go back and revisit the “firsthand accounts” of these miracles, you can find them as Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter and Jesus Heals a Desperate Woman.

I want to look at the “day in the life” of one of Jesus’ disciples. I am going to pick John for our purposes. I chose John because he seems to always be right nest to Jesus. I know that he is not the main person in today’s story but I want to take this different view anyway. Read more »

Matthew 9:20-22 Jesus Heals a Desperate Woman

woman reaches out to touch Jesus clothes

The hem of His garment

(Sorry in advance. This is a bit longer than usual)

Yesterday we took a look at the story of Jairus that sandwiched the story of today; the woman with the issue of blood. Today we are going to take the time to meet her personally. As a woman I hate nearly everything about my monthly cycle and am reluctant to even talk about it, but for this woman’s sake I am going to step into her shoes and walk a few miles in them today with you beside me.

We don’t have a lot of information to go on when constructing a story about this woman. I believe she was between the ages of 24 and 50. I get this because of the usual age of onset of menses is about 12 and she has suffered with her issue for 12 years, making her at least 24 years old. She is probably not over 50 because that is roughly the age when menopause begins. So we are somewhere in between.

She is destitute because she has spent all her money on doctors. So we know she had to have some kind of money or income before this all began. I don’t know how she could have survived starvation if she didn’t have some kind of regular income, unless she became a beggar. I don’t know of any other story in the bible about a female beggar though. She couldn’t be a prostitute with her condition, so that income is out. She could have been married and had a husband that, though he couldn’t touch her, still cared enough about her to give her enough money or food to simply stay her alive. Did she receive support from the church like the widows were supposed to? Her original money could have been her dowry. Read more »