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Mark 6:53-56 Meet Him in the Marketplace

Touch the hem of His garment

Touch the hem of His garment

We are going to join Jesus in the region surrounding Gennesaret. The town of Gennesaret is about three miles from Capernaum. Jesus’ fame had easily reached there. He was even recognized on sight. Let’s join Him as He moves through this region.

The first thing that I noticed, after reading the passage a couple of times, is that Jesus only landed in Gennesaret. He moved about from there. I don’t know how far He went from this town on this particular trip. Mark lists villages, cities and countryside’s as locations Jesus visited. I’m curious what other locations asked Jesus to touch people in the way He does in today’s reading.

Jesus and His disciples have been sailing back and forth across the Sea of Galilee. We are not always told where they land. This is a little frustrating to me because I want to know those details so I can make a map in my mind of where He did what. I keep digging and am not finding locations for a lot of Jesus miracles. I guess we know another bench question I will be bringing up someday. Read more »