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Luke 6:6-11 Come Stand Over Here

Take My hand. We'll do it together.

Take My hand. We’ll do it together.

Luke shares another Sabbath day story with us today. In Matthew the story from yesterday and today appeared to happen on the same day. Luke breaks them up into two different days. Luke isn’t concerned with chronology in his accounts, just the incidents.

I would like to look at the man who received his healing in this story. He did several noteworthy things. Jesus did the work, but because of the man’s willingness to follow Jesus’ instructions, he was able to receive what Jesus had for him.

When Jesus came into the synagogue He knew the scribes and Pharisees were laying a trap for Him. He started out His day in the synagogue like any other Sabbath day. He read and taught the people the truths contained in the reading. I wonder what it was He taught on that day. Did it have anything to do with healing, faith, or God’s provision for the hurting people? We won’t know until we ask in person because both writers who shared this story were not prompted to share that detail. Read more »