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Mark 5:1-20 Legion of Destruction

Why are You here

Why are You here

We have just spent a dark and stormy night, that miraculously changed, with Jesus and His disciples. Now we have reached Jesus’ intended destination; Gerasenes. Here Jesus will meet with a very famous man from this region. We are not told his name, but we are given some background information about him.

This man is famous for two reasons, the whole region thinks he is crazy, and he is incredibly strong. We are not told how long the man behaved in the fashion he has become famous for, but you can tell it has been a LONG time. I’m assuming his behavior escalated over time. He probably lived like any other person for a portion of his life. We are left without a clue as to what started his downward spiral, but spiral he did. He went from one demon to a legion of them living within him. He moved from being able to respond to verbal “restraint” to being beyond the use of chains and shackles.   Read more »

Matthew 8:28-34 A Divine Appointment Creates Deviled Ham

pigs rushing into the sea

Deviled Ham

Jesus and His disciples reached the other side of the Sea of Galilee and make landfall at Gadarenes. I’m not sure why they set sail for this port when leaving Capernaum. Did they intend this to be their original destination or were they moved off course by the storm. Jesus could have righted this course if this were the case. What I really believe was that He was on a divine appointment.

The two men that met Jesus and His disciples were as wild and crazed as could be. If they lived in the time of the state mental hospitals they would have been locked up and the key would have been melted down for scrap iron! They were SCARY! Everyone in town knew about these men and were terrified to come near them. Jesus wasn’t.

Jesus knew the cause of their distress. It was Satan, BIG time. They were over run with demons. The demons recognized Jesus and His power straight away. They didn’t need to sit down and listen to Him teach or wait to view a few healing miracle to be sure Who He was. The demons were terrified of Jesus and knew that He could cast them out of the men with ease. I don’t know why they suggested the pigs. I guess they figured Jesus would have said no if they asked to be allowed to inhabit the herdsmen nearby. I don’t know why they were afraid of not inhabiting a living being. Read more »