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Luke 8:40-59 Building Faith

One stone upon another

One stone upon another

We return to Capernaum with Jesus today in Luke’s narrative. Luke is going to tell us the familiar story of Jairus’ daughter’s healing and an unnamed woman. We visited these stories in both Matthew and Mark. In Matthew we looked at the stories individually and from the perspective of Jairus and the woman. In visiting these stories in Mark we used the eyes of Jesus’ disciple, John, for our story. I have linked the previous posts to the name/title of that participant, in case you want to go back and read the stories again.

When I was reading the intertwined stories today I was wondering if there was anything besides time that tied these two stories together. I believe I received an answer to that question. The thread that was pointed out to me is the amazing faith that was demonstrated by the two main seekers and how the faith of one was built on the faith shown by the other. I want to take a closer look at that faith. Read more »

Mark 5:21-43 Two Miracle for the Price of One

Oh the stories he has to tell!

Oh the stories he has to tell!

Today we are going to look at two miracles Jesus did right after coming back from Gerasenes. These two miracles were discussed in Matthew and we took time to look at them separately. We are going to leave them together when we look at Mark’s account. If you want to go back and revisit the “firsthand accounts” of these miracles, you can find them as Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter and Jesus Heals a Desperate Woman.

I want to look at the “day in the life” of one of Jesus’ disciples. I am going to pick John for our purposes. I chose John because he seems to always be right nest to Jesus. I know that he is not the main person in today’s story but I want to take this different view anyway. Read more »

Matthew 9:18-19 & 23-26 Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter

mother feeling head of sick child

The start of a very long day for Jairus

Matthew is an abbreviated story teller. Mark and Luke go into more detail in their accounts of this story. Matthew, Mark and Luke tell this story with the story of the woman with the issue of blood sandwiched in the middle of the story of Jairus’ encounter with Jesus. Those two stories are linked forever chronologically, in our minds, and spiritually to some extent. I would like to separate them for our study though. I want to put us in the picture again, like we did with Matthew’s first meeting with Jesus. Also, since Matthew was a “get to the heart of the matter” story teller, I will be bringing in details from Mark and Luke’s recollections. I’m going to take the liberty of naming Jairus’ wife Anna and his daughter Rebecca. This will make telling the story, and reading it, much easier.

Early in the morning Anna hears a sound coming from Rebecca’s room. Anna goes in to find Rebecca moving about in her bed. Anna believes Rebecca is having a bad dream. Anna sits down on the side of the bed and puts a hand on Rebecca’s arm to calm her and gently wake her from her sleep. Anna notices that Rebecca’s arm is very warm. Anna speaks softly to Rebecca to try and wake her. Rebecca responds with a moan and attempts to open her eyes. Anna is now a bit anxious as she reaches for Rebecca’s forehead. Rebecca is burning up with fever! As a mother, Anna has dealt with fevers before but this one is very high. She calls out quickly for the servant to bring her cool water and some cloths. Moments later the servant girl appears carrying the requested items. Anna begins attempting to bring Rebecca’s fever down. Read more »