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Mark 10:46-52 Take Heart, He is Calling You

Don't block someone else's miracle

Don’t block someone’s miracle

Jesus is continuing His march towards Jerusalem. His face is “set like flint” and nothing is going to turn Him from this final appointment. But on the way He fulfills another important task.

We got to hear the “first person” account of this story in the blog from Matthew 20:29-34 titled “Jesus Heals Two Blind Men.” Today we are going to look at this story again and see what God has in it for us from Mark’s telling. Read more »

Mark 8:22-26 Do You See Anything

I see men like trees walking around

I see men like trees walking around

We join Jesus in the village of Bethsaida where He encounters a blind man. This man is brought to Jesus for his healing and Jesus heals him in a very unusual way.

The first thing I want to know is, who is it that brought the blind man to Jesus? Is it the man’s family or friends? Is it someone wanting simply to see another miracle? I would think it would be someone from my first assumption, but Jesus took the man away from those who brought him before He would heal him. If he was my friend or family member I would want to stay with him. Did Jesus strictly tell those who brought him to stay while He took the man outside the village? But at the end of the healing Jesus told him not to go back into the village, so those who brought him had no knowledge of the healing. Did they follow Jesus out of town with the man? Read more »