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Matthew 12:15-21 Jesus, God’s Chosen Servant

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Jesus’ crowd control method

Jesus has just left the scheming Pharisees behind. He knew what they were up to and He chose not to engage them, for now. He simply “withdrew from there” to an unspecified place. He didn’t go alone though. He was followed by many people seeking healing.

Here again, Jesus tells those He heals not to “make Him known” (verse 16). Matthew doesn’t tell us if they share what has happened anyway, but I think they probably did. No one else so far has listened to this instruction, why would we believe they would be any different? Jesus’ fame keeps growing no matter how many times He says to keep it quiet.

I have often wondered why Jesus told the people not to tell about Him and today we get to see the answer. He is actually fulfilling one of the prophecies about Him in Isaiah. Matthew quotes the parts pertaining to Jesus’ instructions in verses 18-21. I want to go verse by verse here to learn of this aspect from prophecy. Read more »