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John 1:35-42 As He Walked By

We wait on HIS time

We get to hear about Jesus’ first disciples. We learn the name of one but are not told anything about the second except that he was there too. I wonder who it was. Did this disciple become one of Jesus’ inner twelve? Did he stay with Jesus or later return to John? Just my curiosity getting the best of me.

I’m going to assume these two disciples were not with John the Baptist the previous day when he pointed out Jesus. During that identification John gave a LOT more detail about how the truth was revealed to him. Today he makes a simple but life altering statement; “Behold, the Lamb of God!” (verse 36).

I’m going to make a second assumption and say that John had used this phrase before in the presence of these two disciples and they understood the importance behind this statement. Read more »

Luke 5:1-11 The Catch of a Lifetime

He knows where we are going.

He knows where we are going.

We join Jesus on the shore today as He is being thronged by a crowd. Luke says they were there to hear the word of God. I wonder if many of them had healing on their minds too. We ate going to the Lake of Gennesaret.

I was curious where this lake was located so I Googled it and found out that it is another name for the Sea of Galilee. I was a little worried before doing this because I didn’t think Peter, Andrew, James and John went to other lakes to fish. I thought it might be a tributary lake instead. I’m glad to know the two bodies of water are one in the same.

At this point in His ministry Jesus is doing it all solo. He may have some very devoted followers but He has not called any disciples yet. That will change by the end of this day. For His own safety and to be heard by the majority of the people, Jesus needed a better location to teach from. Read more »