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Mark 4:33-34 Private Lessons

He's changing me too through His stories

He’s changing me too through His stories

Today we are going to look at something Jesus did on a regular basis but we don’t get to hear much about. That something is how He taught. Mark quickly sums up Jesus’ teaching methods, publicly and privately.

When Jesus taught the crowds He taught them in parables. He told us earlier that He did this to keep His message hidden from many of those who came to listen to Him speak. Mark says, “He spoke the word to them, as they were able to hear it” (verse 34). So we know some were able to hear, some of it.

This would be where the different kinds of soils came in. Some of the people that came to hear Him came to find fault with Him. Some came to hear Him out of curiosity. Some came seeking healing from Him. And some came seeking a Savior. As you can probably tell, the first is the wayside, the second is the rocky ground, the third is the thorny places, and the last is the good soil. Read more »