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Matthew 8:14-17 Jesus Heals Even More in Capernaum

Multitude at the door

The all came looking for healing

Jesus goes to Peter’s house while He was in Capernaum and finds Peter’s mother-in-law sick with a fever. Mark’s account says Peter and Andrew told Jesus about her condition. He helped her without even needing to be asked. Jesus reacts immediately and with compassion towards her. He reached out and touched her hand and she was healed. She got a personal touch from Jesus. She got up right away and started ministering to their needs.

Peter opened his home that night to people coming to receive healing from Jesus. He healed “all who were sick” (verse 16) with a word. They also brought those “who were oppressed by demons and He cast out the spirits” (verse 16). In doing this He was again fulfilling prophecy about the Messiah. Read more »