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John 1:43-51 Philip and Nathanael

He knows how to reach us

Jesus calls His next disciples today. Jesus leaves the region of Bethany and ends up in Bethsaida. I just realized that Peter and Andrew met Jesus in Bethany that day. I wonder if they accompanied Him back to their home town. I wonder what Philip and Nathanael do for a living. We know Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John were all fishermen. What about these two? Did they know Peter and Andrew beforehand? I’m assuming they did because of it being a small town. Sorry, on to our story.

Bible scholars have put headings into our bibles to help us track the changes and topics as we read. In my bible, yesterday’s scriptures had the topic title “Jesus calls the first disciples.” Today’s reads “Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael.” But I noticed something in the text as I was looking at these two stories. Read more »